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Kiddushim & Shalosh Seudos Sponsorship:

Ahavas Torah relies on its members to sponsor the weekly Kiddush & Shalosh Seudos. To sponsor a Kiddush/Shalosh Seudos please contact us (details below).

A Standard Kiddush is £50, a Hot Kiddush is £100 and Shalosh Seudos is £40.

A Standard Kiddush & Shalosh Seudos is £90. A Hot Kiddush & Shalosh Seudos is £140.

To sponsor a Kiddush please email or call/text Betzalel Solomon on 07514178829.

Whiskey is not provided by the Shul, however, for an additional £25, it can be arranged. All plasticware is provided by the Shul.

The Shul undertakes to provide cleaning services at no extra cost (except for a large community Kiddush).
You may bring your own whiskey provided it has a reliable Hechscher.
You may only bring additional food which has a reliable Hechscher.

Sponsoring a Kiddush entitles you to an Aliyah on Shabbos morning. If you have a preference of Aliyah, please email us at or text Betzalel Solomon on 07514178829.

Sat, 27 November 2021 23 Kislev 5782